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Advice: Good or Bad

Posted by [email protected] on September 7, 2018 at 8:40 AM
We're all giving advice, whether it's right for that person or not. They have a right to take the advice or not. When I learn a new stitch , I want to share with everyone I know. It's usually something I make for someone other than family. My recent projects have been for my grandbabies. I'm making a hexi puff playmate for my first granddaughter. Yes my husband has grandchildren and great grandchildren , I watch one of the great granddaughter's. My daughter just had her daughter August 22, 2018, watching her be born was an amazing experience. I thought having a baby was painful and exciting, but watching my daughter go through it, wow! My granddaughter was born four and a half weeks early, my daughter's water broke at 35 weeks. They induced 5 days later and in 6 hours my granddaughter was born. She was born healthy thank God. I made a white baby cables blanket for my granddaughter, just like her mother's . I've been busy with my girls and loving every moment. My daughter is always asking advice since the birth of her daughter. I give advice, but she has to decide whether to take or not. I tell my granddaughter whom I babysit for the same. I can teach knitting or crocheting, and how to use essential oils ,or show you how to research for yourself. Advice I can give you, but you decide whether it's good or bad I just share what I've learned through the years.

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